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"My loves, they are very important to me, just because they lift me up when I feel down. They provide me with endless amounts of motivation and inspiration and strength to keep going. Simple things, like they make me laugh. They are also there for me on a very real level, you know, like a family. So a lot of things, small and big."
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Meet Kai
Kai’s dream vacation probably consists of crackers, cartoons, and cars. Her mom is pretty excited that the Holiday Inn® Resort Lake George - Turf is new, affordable, and kid friendly.

Photo by @scottborrero
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Remember when Kim Possible was on Lilo and Stitch?


Or How about when The Proud Family decided to visit?


Or when those fucking kids from Recess came over to Hawaii


Lilo was a popular little bitch.

the conflicting art styles are making me uncomfortable…

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